Further Seems Forever Disbands After Last Project

( [email protected] ) Jan 26, 2004 09:02 AM EST

Tooth and Nail's Further Seems Forever will disband after completing their latest project. Many events have transpired before the band decided to disband. While in the middle of recording the band's upcoming release, vocalist Jason Gleason of Further Seems Forever called it quits. Gleason later agreed to at least complete the album in progress but later backed out, leaving much of the band in a quagmire with financial pressure to complete the album but without a vocalist.

"His decision left our music as a proverbial hostage as we now had no way to finish the album," said the band in an official statement on the band's website.

Now, Gleason has returned to his original decision to complete the album, which will be Further Seems Forever's last project. Gleason described his side of the story by analogizing his relationship to the band to an unhealthy marriage.

"When a band is a marriage, the fans become the children. You love the kids and want to protect them from things that would hurt them. You 'stay together for the kids', but each year it gets a little harder," explained Gleason. "I was unhappy in an unhealthy relationship."

Where the two sides hold different views, they both have expereienced comfort from support from the fans.

Gleason addressed the fans, "You guys are the main reason that I pined over this so long, and all I can really say is thank you all for the endless amounts of support and friendship you have showed me along the way."

"In times of stress and disunity, the faith and love of 'our people' has been a consolation; much more than that it has been a confirmation that all we have done is not in vain," said the band.

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