Beckham Out Ranks Jesus As British Favorite?

( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2004 12:16 PM EST

David Beckham is the favorite hero for young Britons, while Jesus and George W. Bush were only ranked 123rd, according to an internet survey of 2,500 young people.

What the results lead many to conclude is that young people may value good looks, fame, and athletic skill over contribution to society. That would explain why they chose the Madrid-celebrity soccer player, whose been highly publicized in the media.

"They went for people with nothing much to say but who look good," commented Adrian North, a psychologist at the University of Leicester in central England who organized the poll.

"It's slightly depressing really. What links all the names in our top 10 is not their great minds but their great looks. “

Almost out ranking Jesus by half in the survey was Prime Minister Tony Blair who tied with U.S. illusionist David Blaine. The stunt that received much buzz and ridicule was Blaine’s 44 day fast as he stayed in a glass box which was suspended above London.

North’s conclusion that looks outweigh intelligence are consistent with the results of the survey. Beckham received 123 votes while the next two places were claimed by Hollywood star actor Brad Pitt with 60 votes and former N*Sync boyband singer Justin Timberlake with 58 votes.

Who came next? King of Pop Michael Jackson, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, and former soap opera actor and member of British pop group Robbie Williams.