Series Looks at America's Christianity from Biblical Roots

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2004 12:11 PM EST

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention and other religious leaders will gather to discuss the state of Christianity in a five-part series to begin airing on Jan.30 under FamilyNet telelvision network, Fridays at 7 PM EST and Saturdays at 12 AM EST.

President of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board Robert E. Reccord will host the series which is led by the topic of "One Nation, Under God", a phrase taken from the United States Pledge of Allegiance.

Reccord and a number of guests will take a crtical look at the future of America in light of its biblical foundation.

"In order to know where you're headed as a nation, you need to know where you came from," said Martin Coleman, FamilyNet's vice president of programming. "That's why this series is so important, especially in the context of our postmodern culture in which people's values and beliefs are easily swayed."

Historian and author of "The Light and the Glory", Peter Marshall, will be featured on the show. The line-up for speakers will also include Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and host of the nationally syndicated "For Faith and Family" radio show and David Barton, president of WallBuilders, an organization that seeks to rebuild America's moral and religious foundations.

The show will trace the impact the Bible had on the founding of American and what role religion played in laying a foundation for the US constitution and the fight for independence.

While some guests will focus on the nation's biblical roots, John Avant, pastor of the Atlanta-area New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, will examine the possibility of the an awakening occuring throughout America as it was experienced during the country's First and Second Great Awakening.