Sparrow Signs on Canada's Starfield

( [email protected] ) Feb 04, 2004 01:23 PM EST

Sparrow Records has added another ‘newbie’ to its list of top-notch Christian bands. Welcome Canadian band Starfield, four members strong and a acoustic pop/rock identity that has grabbed for them five Vibe Award nominations upon the release of their independent album.

Now, brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld along with John Andrews and Shaun Hubert will release their debut album under the wings of Sparrow to be released on May 18.

But the band members don’t want all eyes on them as they enter a new music circle in the US. They say look at Jesus.

"What has happened is just an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness," Tim Neufeld says. "What I really want to be a part of is something that is seeing people restored, healed, and saved. I'm in a rock band doing rock music, but my music can't be the focus, I can't be the focus. Jesus has to be the focus, or it's all so meaningless."

Starfield is already making their presence known, featured in the African AIDS benefit album, In the Name of Love and will visit cities such as Atlanta, San Diego, and Kansas City during the evangelical/worship tour event Acquire The Fire.