Debut Artist BarlowGirl Offers More Than Music

( [email protected] ) Feb 06, 2004 01:41 PM EST

The power of three comes out through the music of Fervent Records new-comer artists BarlowGirl, whose self-titled debut album will be unleashed on Feb. 24. A deeper look at the band will prove it to offer more than just music.

The band is made of three sisters, Rebecca, Alyssa, and Lauren, who vow to maintain an example of trust and purity in the name of God. The band stated on their "We believe that God is calling everyone to live a life that is fully surrendered to Him so that He can do His work in us and begin to show us His true purpose for our lives.”For the Barlow trio, the purpose God has called them for is reconciling the relationships between God and man through their music.

“Making our first record has been both a thrilling and humbling experience,” said Alyssa. “We hope that we have produced a record that people will love for the music but will also speak to them about the issues our generation faces in growing their relationship with God.”

Going beyond the music, the band uptakes the position as a good role model by taking a stand against the impurity as seen through the “clothing and modesty” propagated through youth culture.

“BarlowGirl is one of those unique artists with a definite sense of their mission. They are firmly committed to making great music and challenging their generation to live lives transformed by God, not by the world,” said Susan Riley, Owner/ President of Fervent Records.”

For the debut album BarlowGirl, the sisters wrote all of the featured songs, including: “Harder Than The First Time,” “Never Alone,” “Pedestal,” “You Led Me,” “On My Own,” “She Walked Away,” “Mirror,” “Clothes,” “Average Girl,” “Superstar” and “Surrender.”

A positive influence on many is what the BarlowGirl sisters are.

Inpop Record artist Superchic(k)’s wrote a song inspired by BarlowGirl after meeting the band at the LifeFest Christian music festival in Wisconsin.

"The BarlowGirl girls are both mature and spunky, quick witted and calm. I was impressed how well they handled themselves on and off the air during my morning show and was blown away by how well they sounded performing acoustically live. With their musically and lyrically relevant message these girls will continue to have a positive impact on young people for years to come,” said Greg Saunders, program director for WQFL in Rockford, Illinois.

To introduce their band, music, and vision to audiences, the BarlowGirl band will join the “Grace Like Rain Tour” featuring Todd Agnew and Silers Bald. The tour begins March 6 in Dallas, Texas.

“Touring will give us the opportunity to get out and connect with kids and hopefully get them excited about our music. We are grateful to Todd for the opportunity to join the tour this spring,” said Becca (Rebecca).

“Their music is contagious and the lyrics are thought-provoking; I think there will be a lot of kids who will respond to their music and message,” says Riley.