David Crowder Band to Begin 'Illuminate Tour'

( [email protected] ) Feb 06, 2004 02:19 PM EST

There’s a first time for everything even for the David Crowder Band. Beginning Feb. 16, six days after the scheduled release of the band’s sophomore project, Illuminate, the band will embark on the 18-city “Illuminate Tour.” This will be the first tour that the David Crowder Band has ever performed for as the headliner.

During the tour, Crowder will also be performing with his “Crowdster Acoustic,” a guitar made for and named after Crowder by premiere guitar maker Tom Anderson of Guitarworks.

The David Crowder band not only stands tall with guests Gotee artist Paul Wright and BEC band Telecast on the tour but also backed up with numerous good reviews regarding Illuminate, produced by the band, Charlie Peacock, Mitch Watkins, and Zach Lind.

The News Times (Danbury, CT) says the band is “poised to be the voice of a generation that’s searching for something more.”

Can You Hear Us?, the band’s debut album, gained the Crowder band the spot as Sparrow Record’s best selling debut artist.

The Gainesville Sun says, “The David Crowder Band is not your grandfather’s church music – or your big brother’s for that matter…the band’s two CDs have turned heads among mainstream rock fans.”

The band will turn more heads as their 200 plus concert record continues this spring.

David Crowder Band 2004 Schedule:

02.05 Concert Norman, OK

02.06-07 Hot Hearts Texarkana, TX

02.12 The Portico Houston, TX

02.16 The Illuminate Tour Edmond, OK

02.17 The Illuminate Tour Holdrege, NE

02.19 The Illuminate Tour Tipp City, OH

02.20 The Illuminate Tour Whitestown, IN

02.21 The Illuminate Tour Elkhart, IN

02.22 The Illuminate Tour St. Paul, MN

02.23 The Illuminate Tour Minneapolis, MN

02.24 The Illuminate Tour Madison, WI

02.25 The Illuminate Tour Lincoln, IL

02.27 The Illuminate Tour Lexington, KY

02.28 The Awakening Olmsted Falls, OH

02.29 Willow Creek Conference South Barrington, IL

03.05 Baltimore Blast Postgame Show Baltimore, MD

03.16 The Illuminate Tour Abilene, TX

03.18 The Illuminate Tour Colorado Springs, CO

03.19 The Illuminate Tour Boulder, CO

03.21 The Illuminate Tour Tucson, AZ

03.22 The Illuminate Tour Malibu, CA

03.23 The Illuminate Tour Azusa, CA

03.24 The Illuminate Tour Berkeley, CA

03.25 Purpose Driven Conference Lake Forest, CA

03.26 The Illuminate Tour Tempe, AZ

03.31-04.01 Thirsty Conference Alpharetta, GA

04.02-03 Event Norfolk, VA

04.04 Concert Germantown, MD

04.10 Six Flags Over Texas Arlington, TX

04.18 Concert Cypress,TX

04.24 Ichtus Festival Wilmore, KY