Geoff Moore, TAIT, O' Donell Join "Compassion" Tour

( [email protected] ) Feb 07, 2004 01:39 PM EST

Geoff Moore will host Compassion International’s “Evening of Compassion” tour, which begins on Feb. 21. TAIT and Erin O’Donnell will be featured as special guests to help introduce the ministry to new audiences.

The goal of Compassion International is “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.” Last year, Moore and special guest Rachael Lampa took part in the 2003 “Evening of Compassion” concert series, which helped needy children around the world get the support of around 3,000 sponsors.

"Being a part of these Compassion events was a highlight of 2003 for me," said Geoff Moore. "The response has been overwhelming and I am very excited about 2004 and the opportunity to tour with friends and label mates TAIT, as well as Erin O'Donnell."

Moore understands the importance of showing compassion to children as he and his wife have adopted two girls from China, named Anna Grace and Ashley Rose, through Bethany Christian Services.

"It is a privilege to be able to partner with an artist the caliber of Geoff Moore," claims Mike Johnson, Relational Marketing Director for Compassion. "Geoff is an excellent communicator who passionately conveys not only the message of Compassion, but most importantly the message of the Gospel. Due to Geoff's commitment to the ministry of Compassion over the years, this message is now reaching children and their families in the far corners of the world."

Michael Tait of TAIT, who will be playing the role of Jesus in this year’s !HERO The Rock Opera tour, is glad to lend the group’s acoustic talents to the worthy cause.

"Compassion International is a ministry I have always had great respect for. I am very excited to be going out on this tour," said TAIT front man, Michael Tait.