BHT Enterntainment Signs First Artist Trevor Morgan

( [email protected] ) Feb 10, 2004 01:51 PM EST

BHT Entertainment signs its first artist, independent songwriter and artist Trevor Morgan. Morgan will debut with Wonderlight, which releases on May 4, 2004.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Trevor and his new album,” says Mike Blanton who along with Dan Harrell and Steve Thomas founded BHT Entertainment . “He is an artist that has been in the making for some time. Ultimately, there’s no one better prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually as Trevor to enter the industry with total support.”

Morgan’s songs have been receiving acclaim as contemporary Christian artists Ginny Owens, Geoff Moore and Phillips Craig & Dean began recording his songs. He toured with Owen for more than two years as a bass and guitar player. He has also opened for artists Third Day, MercyMe, Jennifer Knapp, Mark Schultz and Geoff Moore.

He has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

“I'm a big Trevor Morgan fan,” says Mac Powell. “I love his music and have ever since I heard his first independent project. I'm so excited that more people will soon be hearing his songs. This record is a breath of fresh air for contemporary Christian music.”

With talents which extend pass songwriting, Morgan has experience playing bass for a mainstream act, Owsley. During his time with Owsley, he co-wrote “I’m Alright,” a single which rose to R&R’s Top 30 and was used as music to a Nautica brand television advertising campaign. His songs have also been featured on television programs “Live with Regis and Kelly,” the WB network’s “Charmed,” and “Jack and Jill.”

Owen shares her impression of Morgan after their time performing together. “Beyond the singing and songwriting abilities, I often witness Trevor's gifts as a true man of God and a born leader…Whether he is serving people in his church family, helping take care of others on the road, or standing in front of an audience sharing his heart, his God-given ability to be strong and steadfast in his faith is always evident…I have absolutely no doubt that everyone will be just as moved by Trevor's amazing gifts as I have been. Wait and see.”

Morgan’s official website will launch in mid-march at