Delirious?: World Service

( [email protected] ) Feb 13, 2004 01:21 PM EST

This is the first album in two years British rock band Delirious? has released with all new material on it. World Service continues to show Delirious? to be a band capable of producing worship anthems that can penetrate the airwaves worldwide. “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” written by Martin Smith, was just one of the many anthems that made it big in churches.

Released in the US on Feb. 10, this album shows similar potential with the song “Majesty” putting the focus on the grace of Jesus Christ instead of the worshipper. Smith said the song was about “how much Jesus has done for us, how small we are and how great he is. There is nothing we can do to gain God’s favor apart of what Jesus has done on the cross.”

Lyrics to “Majesty include beautiful lyrics such as: “Here I am, knowing I’m a sinful man, covered by the blood of the lamb.” “The greatest love of all is mine since you laid down your life, the greatest sacrifice.

The first track on the album starts off with “Grace Like a River,” which scores points with electric guitars. The song has some visual imagery in its lyrics which remind me much of the painting done by Michelangelo where two fingers touch each other, the moment where heaven and earth, God and man meet.

“A love so undeserved, you had nothing in reserve. Heaven play it’s symphony, I took your hand and you rescued me.”

Other songs on the album can be categorized as worship anthems such as "Grace Like a River", "God In Heaven", "Majesty", and "I Was Blind" or comforting songs of faith such as "Mountains High" and "Every Little Thing.” The album does a good job at balancing the two.

“Every Little Thing” sounds like something that U2 would produce. I really like the song and think it’s a great song to put at the end. Sometimes, artists like to put a grand finale to their album with blaring sounds but this song gives closure to any listener, assuring that “every little thing is gonna be alright.”

I’m sure that Delirous? will continue to make great Christian worship classics. This album is a must-have for Delirious? fans and a great one to start with for anyone who haven’t heard of their music.

Tracks on World Service are:

1. Grace Like A River

2. Rain Down

3. God In Heaven

4. Majesty (Here I Am)

5. Inside Outside

6. Free

7. Everyone Knows

8. With You

9. Mountains High

10. I Was Blind

11. Feel It Comin On

12. Every Little Thing