'Veggie Rocks' with CCM Songs

( [email protected] ) Feb 18, 2004 06:51 AM EST

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are not just for kids. Taking a leap from “Silly Songs with Larry”, the new compilation release Veggie Rocks! will feature songs made by the Veggie Tales gang as performed by top CCM artists such as Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, Relient K, and TAIT. Veggie Rocks! will be released on March 9, 2004.

Big Idea Productions recently released a sequel to the Christmas release The Star of Christmas. An Easter Carol hit markets on Feb. 10 and features St. James as the voice of “Hope,” the music box angel.

Many of the artists have crossed paths elsewhere. Newsboys and Rebecca St. James are currently performing on the “Adoration Tour”, which kicked off Feb. 12. St. James will join Michael Tait of TAIT for the second leg of !Hero: The Rock Opera Tour, a modern-day rock musical about the life of Jesus Christ. The musical will begin on April 14.

A promotional website of the Veggie Rocks! project will be unveiled soon. Big Idea Productions has lined up several releases for 2004, including Snoodle’s Tale, a story of a young Snoodle who tries to do good things but is teased by his friends who say he looks silly doing them. Sumo of the Opera, another new episode in development, will be released later in the year.