Rock Musical '!Hero' Returns

( [email protected] ) Feb 18, 2004 07:08 AM EST

!Hero: The Rock Opera Tour is back by popular demand after multiple sell-out venues last year, including the world premiere in Wabash, IN. !Hero,which begins in the spring, running from April 14 to September 20, has added new dates and new cast members to its tour.

Last year, the tour didn’t stop at any west coast venues but this year it will include several. Cast also receives some fresh faces. Jamie Rowe, former lead singer for the rock/metal band Guardian, takes the place of Audio Adrenaline’s frontman Mark Stuart as the role of the chief priest Petrov.

The rock musical, !Hero, was begun by Forefront records founder Eddie DeGarmo. The musical portrays the events of Jesus’ life in a modern day setting, music and dance styles alike.

Some familiar names will be returning for the second leg of !Hero including Michael Tait as Jesus, Rebecca St. James as “Maggie” and Billy Buchanan as “Kai.”

“No one in Christian music had done anything quite like this before,” said Buchanan, lead singer of Fusebox. “I think this second run will be even better than the first.”

“The message in ‘Hero’ is so strong.”

Rumour also has it that a live recording and maybe even a full DVD for the tour is currently in the making. For up-to-date tour dates and venues and for a full list of the cast for the spring !Hero tour visit