Jeremy Camp: The Worship Project

( [email protected] ) Feb 19, 2004 11:00 AM EST

Aritist: Jeremy Camp

Album: Carried Me: The Worship Project

Although nowadays many worship albums debuted are for marketing research reasons, critics say that Jeremy Camp’s Album, Carried Me: The Worship Project based from the album release is definitely one that inspires the culture of Christ. Jeremy’s passion for Gospel music and Praise can be clearly felt and heard in his album, paying sensitive attention to the lyrical and powerful spiritual atmosphere of praise.

Jeremy Camp’s passionate approach in praise intermixes other praise songs such as old Maranatha! “Trust In You”, the first track on the album and Chris Tomlin’s big hit praise song “Enough.” Carried Me combines tracks on the album using old and new unfamiliar praise all into one. Just by listening to the CD, the listeners can feel the Gospel being sung out from Jeremy with a voice that makes every word of the lyrics vital and important for everyone. Songs unfamiliar to modern contemporary praise such as “Beautiful One,” by Tim Hughes, is introduced and will be playing in many churches in the near future.

Reviewers say that “You’re Worthy of My Praise,” a commonly sung Praise song that appears almost nearly hundreds of times in other praise albums, was done well by Jeremy who takes the entire song and although he repeats the song over again, however his unique and sheer voice revive the song and the listener feels as if Jeremy himself originally wrote and recorded the song. Despite the unoriginal songs played inside the album, Camp’s project takes the old traditions of Christian and establishes a new method of praise and a new culture.

This is a must-have for Jeremy-fans, others say. It pays close attention and value to the rock genre of Christian contemporary music. After listening to the whole album, although it is a familiar melody for everyone, it is one that renews the old into new praise.