Jeff Deyo: Light

( [email protected] ) Feb 20, 2004 04:49 AM EST

Aritist: Jeff Deyo

Album: Light

As former praise leader of the praise band Sonic Flood, Jeff Deyo changed the trends of praise, revolutionizing, modernizing and personifying the songs for those singing them in churches. After moving to his own personal musical ministry, Jeff Deyo came out with his debut album "Saturated." With a hint of the style of his previous music band. Although Jeff's individual music ministry has yet to reach the level of what Sonicflood has acheived, Jeff intermixes modern worship songs with scripture into a new worship experience. Although in the past, Jeff has constantly reproduced known worship songs producing them with a new flavor for everyone to sing and rededicate their faith, it is in this album, "Light", that Deyo has sealed his voice as one of the leading ones in praise ministry.

This album symbolically glorifies the culture of Christ with new songs personally written by Jeff and the novel style that Jeff always carries through his past praise songs. The first track "Ray of Light," is a montage of scripture, opening with rippling piano chords in the beginning and leading and exploding into the rock genre, delivering passionately the chorus. That style truly brings worshipers into the light of the worship. In the song "Bless the Lord," featuring Rita Springer, the lyrics are supported with a background orchestrated base, adding a diverse pitch to the praise. The strings and rock instrumentation combine to form a forceful yet graceful touch, bringing forth the triumph of the praise to an conclusive and positive end feeling for everyone. Other pieces on the album such as the interlude song "A Time For Everything" provides insights on the dual nature of God, delivering a message that many of us lack. "We Come To Your Throne With Weeping" is a song that features Mac Powell, of Third Day.

This new album features original thirteen songs primarily written by Deyo. This is a change for Jeff Deyo since in the past many of his albums already covered previous popular material. Yet, Jeff certainly proved himself again of his original style that is truly what he can call his own now. Almost every song on the album is fitting for worship service. This is one of the best albums that Jeff has come out with that renews his image of being a Gospel singer.