2004 Envoy Film Festival

( [email protected] ) Feb 21, 2004 11:17 PM EST

Got film? The first Envoy Film Festival will be held in a few months (April 16-19, 2004), and Envoy is not like any ordinary festival, but a filmmaker-oriented festival- more like a filmmaker's retreat.

The festival will be held at the Horn Creek Conference Center in Westcliffe, CO. The attendees of this festival are to stay at a conference center in the Rocky Mountains for four days. It will open up with a warm welcome dinner- workshops will be held each day- and close with a short awards ceremony. Some of this year's speakers will include Dallas Jenkins (director of Hometown Legend), Jerry Jenkins (co-author of the Left Behind series), Gary Wheeler (producer of Final Solution), script consultant Linda Seger and Bob Garner (producer of Ribbits!).

Richard Beattie (a writer for Focus on the Family) will be the organizer for this new film festival. "The Christian film industry lacks a sense of community, and Envoy will attempt to address this problem," Beattie claims.