Delirious: World Service

( [email protected] ) Feb 27, 2004 01:38 PM EST

With its new release "World Service," the Delirious band once again heads back to its roots in the Christian modern rock genre. The album begins with "Grace Like A River," a song that fits to be sung in any Passion worship event with an exciting rhythm. It's a solid worship song that also easily translates into a corporate worship setting.

"God In Heaven" soars with a chorus that is reminiscient of an old hymn "To God Be the Glory?". Its simple lyrics glorify "the One" mentioned in a powerful way.

Towards the middle of the album, Smith sings in "Majesty (Here I Am)." Te slow lyrics make draw listeners more into an intimate setting with God. "Here I am humbled by your majesty / covered by your grace so free / knowing I'm a sinful man / covered by the blood of the lamb / empty handed, but alive in your hands."

"Everyone Knows" is a very poetic and lyrically sound song.

"Every Little Thing," featuring Daniel Bedingfield accompanying the band adds a feeling of more seriousness and poignancy. World Service brings Delirious back to their roots. Although there is not much of innovation and creativity, fans will be pleased with the worship songs. This is a rock record that is one of the band's most successful projects and it will bring many of their songs into church worships.