Review: Rebecca St. James - “Live Worship: Blessed be Your Name”

( [email protected] ) Mar 01, 2004 01:02 PM EST

Rebecca St. James’ newly released Album this month, “Live Worship: Blessed be Your Name,” draws attention towards more fans. In addition to her journey to the capitol, nation tour, and a publishing of her book as well, St. James’ makes way for more excitement in the music industry for believers.

One of the great things about Christian music culture is that throughout time, praise will always stay in the mainstream entertainment praising the eternal love of our God. St. James’ new worship album definitely shows this. Although it’s numbered to only 9 tracks, the live performances that go beyond a timer longer than most other worship albums show the ongoing prowess and passion for God’s Glory revealed through St. James. Especially with live worship albums, the passion and renewed spirit is revealed through the different arrangements and voice of the Praise and Gospel songs. This is an album that shows Rebecca as an ongoing spiritual worship leader for the nation.

With her simple encouragements asking the audience to feel the lyrics and sing with all they have, Rebecca St. James also unites everyone with powerful and strong simple prayers as well. The main focus and goal as a worship leader, of recreating a sense of community among brothers and sisters worshipping together, drawing their hearts closer to God, is where Rebecca succeeds.

“Quiet You With My Love" and "Lamb of God" are added with an extra strength and power with heavier guitars and the supporting audience. "Above All" is futher enhanced by simple acoustic guitar arrangements and three-part harmonies. “Here I am to Worship” is sung in a cappella, something that is particularly touching and carries forth a fresh confession of faith for worshipers.

Besides bringing forth a renewed worship spirit, St. James also offers a new original, "I Adore You,” which has a beautiful melody. “The Power of Your Love” and “Shout to the Lord” are also enforced with more of a pop-rock style that St. James is always good at to offer.

In conclusion, the album is similar to her previous worship one, “Worship God” yet it still moves on to connect worshipers to the Holy Spirit. St. James’ maturation as a worship leader brings forth a powerful calling, some say like that of Darlene Zschech, from God to all the young generation of America.