Forgiveness: Michael Henderson

( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 12:13 PM EST

Forgiveness…how hard it is to carry out this vital element of our lives. Michael Henderson’s book “Forgiveness: Breaking the Chain of Hate” helps in opening our eyes to the power and beauty of forgiveness through real-life scenarios. With Henderson’s exceptional skills in journalism and broadcasting and his awareness of world conflicts, Henderson shares inspiring and moving stories about people’s difficult experiences in life and how different perspectives and approaches to tragedies bring about a world of difference.

For those who have been deeply wounded and suffered through great tragedy, a passionate heart of hatred and revenge may be darkening the spirit. This book reminds us of God’s deep heart of forgiveness towards even the most hateful people. The author seeks to reveal the truth, the truth found in the life following Christ through forgiving others. It is that revenge fails, but goodness surpasses all things.

Also, we learn here that forgiveness does not equate to forgetting and tolerating any evil that is committed. Rather, it is about being able to embrace as Jesus embraced the prostitute that no one could and having faith in the future. This country and people need to reflect on this and learn to forgive or the true experience of a life freed from darkness cannot be revealed. It’s not only about forgiving others but also being able to forgive oneself.

This book offers a great start in understanding the true meaning forgiveness just as expressed in the Scriptures, “Love you neighbor as yourself.” So, take this journey with Henderson as he shares stories that will leave a great impression of the power of forgiveness.