Ten Shekel Shirt Raises Money for JFCI

( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 12:13 PM EST

Familiar with the sounds of tapping steering wheels, mouthing choruses, and humming verses? Yes, that’s right, it’s Ten Shekel Shirt. And this spring, they are going across the US, traveling to play benefit concerts on college campuses to raise money for Justice for Children International (JFCI).

Founded by Ten Shekel Shirt frontman, Lamont Hiebert, JFCI's purpose is to raise awareness and resources for the prevention, rescue, and after-care of sexually exploited children.

How did this JFCI start? Well, it all started after Hiebert’s visit to South East Asia in September, 2002. During his stay in Thailand, he witnessed first-hand a great deal of horrifying scenes of children being forced to prostitution.

Hiebert came to a serious conclusion about his faith: that loving God and worshipping Him must include helping to stop the injustice. The bands most recent INO Records release, Risk, became a part of that conclusion. The song "Over the Room" was inspired by a true story of a girl forced into prostitution and slavery.

Ten Shekel Shirt took action to this injustice establishing JFCI. With combined efforts with JFCI, the band has already raised several thousand dollars to help victimized children.

Each tour stop on the upcoming spring tour will also include efforts from local campus child protection and human rights organizations. Tour expenses for the spring tour are being raised up front so all ticket sales and donations can go directly to the children.

Everyday, 2700 children are raped, abused, and sold into slavery. There are over one million children forced into prostitution every year. Through this tour, together with JFCI and Ten Shekel Shirt, we wish for that number to decrease drastically.

For tour dates, please click on: www.tenshekelshirt.com

For more information on JFCI, please click on: www.jfci.org