Review: Hidalgo

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 03:07 PM EST

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Action, Adventure

Directed by: Joe Johnston

Starring Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Zuleikha Robinson, Louise Lombard, Said Taghmaoui, Adam Alexi-Malle

Release: March 5, 2004

Running Time: 136 minutes


Based on a true story, Hidalgo stars Viggo Mortensen as long-distance horse racer and U.S. Cavalry dispatcher Frank T. Hopkins. Looking to reconnect with his past, Hopkins and his horse, Hidalgo, enter a competition called the Ocean of Fire, a 3,000-mile survival race across the Arabian Desert.


"Hidalgo", like many westerns, has this purity and innocence to it that has been avoided in many recent films. The movie has the excitement of long before, reminiscent of Indiana Jones, and the main character reflects bravery and perseverance amidst much pain and hardship.

Rated PG-13, "Hidalgo" has some scenes of violence, including a scene of the battle of Wounded Knee, as well as several fights here and there during the race.

This movie is a breather from the sex and profanity we see in other films. It is a reminder of the movies in the past, where the storyline is everything. An inspiring movie, it is where one man and horse face much abuse and discrimination, and struggle to keep hold of their identity in the end. It reflects the image of a Christian in the life of faith. Even though the world pushes us to turn away from what we believe in and what we hold as valuable because of differences, we must be persistent in holding onto our faith. It was a good movie, good for families who are looking for a movie on a Friday night.