The Beautiful Gospel Spreads through Film in India

( [email protected] ) Mar 06, 2004 05:46 AM EST

As The Passion of the Christ attracts a wide range of viewers in America, there is the great hope and plan of God for the sleeping spirits of this country of the “free” to be awakened to the Truth: to true freedom. While this evocative film on the love and sacrifice of Christ reaches many in over 2800 theatres in the US alone, there are millions in Asia who have yet to receive the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.

With the guidance of God, a door has opened for the people in India as native missionaries with Gospel for Asia run diligently toward sharing the gospel in the remote and unknown areas with the film, Man of Mercy. It is a film made in India that reveals the love of Jesus shown through the course of His entire life. Instead of being played in a theatre, the film is set up outdoors by the missionaries and great crowds of people gather around to witness the sacrifice of Jesus on screen for the very first time. In response to this great love, many shed tears and wept.

By the grace of God, Man of Mercy has touched tens of thousands of lives, bringing them back to a life of true freedom in Christ. But still, the gospel must continue to be carried into the 500,000 villages in India alone and the lands that have not yet tasted the love of Christ.

Through Gospel of Asia, established in 1979, many “unreached” areas are now bearing God’s beautiful fruits and churches are beginning to flourish with the dedication of more than 13,500 missionaries. More than 12,000 mission stations and 9000 churches have been set up in the past decade in Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. With a greater dream, 54 Bible colleges have been established on the Indian subcontinent and 8000 hopeful students plan and prepare for pioneer evangelism. Gospel of Asia takes these active steps of faith in moving towards God’s dream where “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Let us all pray for the revival of the Holy Spirit in these Asian countries.