Stryper’s New CD Coming May

( [email protected] ) Mar 08, 2004 09:05 AM EST

Got metal? You’ve got it!

May, 2004, Stryper’s first ever live CD is set to hit stores. This 80s heavy metal band held a reunion tour last year, planning a new CD. The CD will be called 7 Weeks: Live in America 2003. Here is the track list for the new CD:

1. Sing Along Song

2. Makes Me Wanna Sing

3. Calling On You

4. Free

5. More Than A Man

6. Caught In The Middle

7. Reach Out

8. Loud 'N Clear

9. The Way

10. Soldiers Under Command

11. To Hell With The Devil

12. Honestly

13. Winter Wonderland

14. -Closing Prayer-

Stryper stands for Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness. The Isaiah 53:5 under their logo is the bible verse that states "by Hips stripes we are healed".

We wish to experience the true meaning of this verse with them. Coming soon: May, 2004.