Bestseller: Jesus, One and Only by Beth Moore

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Jesus, the One and Only

Author: Beth Moore

Through this bestselling book, Jesus, the One and Only, readers will be get a chance to look closely at how Jesus Christ lived: always with the motive of love. They will come to know the one and only savior more personally and intimately. Many times, we look at the stories written in the Gospels as just another great miracle of Christ among many that happened 2000 years ago, but this book will guide the reader to delve more deeply into the meaning of the works of Christ. With God’s hands, Beth amazingly puts together a work of art that draws the reader into a more profound world, the world of true romance between the reader and the One and Only.

Publisher: Broadman & Holman

Pub. Date: August 2002

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 080542489X

Regular: $19.99

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