Good-bye to Chief Mettler

( [email protected] ) Mar 10, 2004 09:33 AM EST

Tooth and Nail Records Supertones says farewell to their ‘Tones trumpet player Darren “Chief” Mettler, as he heads toward the path of taking a position as a junior high youth pastor in southern California.

"I know this comes very sudden to everyone but it also was sudden to all of us," says Supertones' Ethan Luck. "This is something that The Chief has had a passion for since well before the Supertones even started. The selfish part in us doesn't want to see him go, but we understand that this is his calling."

Former trumpet player for The W's, and also a good friend of Luck’s, Bret Barker, is set to replace the position of Mettler.

"Bret is a great player and will add a ton to the band both as a player and as a person," ensures Luck.

Currently, Supertones is paving the way to release their sixth studio album, Revenge of the Supertones. Said to be "full of ska, reggae and rock," this 12-song project produced by Mark Townsend releases on June 15th.

The band continues to push themselves musically as they continuously cling to their main mission honoring God with their lives and their songs.