Stacie Orrico

Brief Introduction
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A faithful example for young teenagers, Stacie Joy Orrico first began her career and signed to a developmental deal with at ForeFront Records at the age of 12. Her love for music was there since the beginning of time and inspired her to take part in singing for church choir and school. . "I had always loved to sing," Stacie explains, citing some of her influences: Crystal Lewis, Billie Holifay, Christina Aguilera, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. "But I was not raised in a showbiz home, and my parents are the farthest thing from stage parents."

Without connection to or expectation from the professional music industry, Orrico astonishingly found her way into the music business through God’s divine guidance. It was at a Christian artist seminar in 1998, Praises in the Rockies, that Stacie was discovered by Executive Vice President of A R at ForeFront Records. 12-year old Stacie had entered into a singing competition with the encouragement of a friend without expecting to win or imagining that it would lead her to a successful singing career.

Because of her age, their were uncertainties, but Stacie followed her heart towards the bright future. Genuine, her debut album, was released in August 2000 and rose into the charts of Billboard’s Heatseekers and Bllboard’s Top Christian Contemporary. Having over 500,000 copies sold was a clear sign of the listeners’ approval and respect. Christmas Wish was released soon after in the next year.

Orrico was asked to open for Destiny’s child during their 2001 U.S. tour and developed a greater respect for them as she learned much through their humility. "They taught me a lot," Stacie recalls. "There they were, on top of the world, yet I would watch them still take time to talk to the fans, and listen to people, and never act jaded."

A new album with Virgin records was released in March 2003, self-titled Stacie Orrico. Geared towards mainstream audience, Stacie Orrico has captured the hearts of young listeners who can relate to her sincere lyrics. “Stuck” was the breakthrough single which brought more recognition to the 18 year old artist with a Christian background. With her family by her side supporting and promoting alongside, Stacie will surely walk on straight towards the true goal…not glorifying herself only, but revealing the love of God through her music.

Discography (albums):

2000 Genuine Chordant

2003 Stacie Orrico Virgin

2003 Stacie Orrico [Japan Bonus Tracks] Japanese

Discography (singles):

2001 Christmas Wish [EP] Forefront

2003 Stuck Virgin s

2003 There's Gotta Be More to Life [US CD] Virgin

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