The English Christian Rock Band
( [email protected] ) Mar 13, 2004 07:26 AM EST


Since the mid-1990’s, English band Delirious? has been serving people with trendy music for the soul. With the Christian message blended with their radio-friendly modern rock sound, Delirious reaches out to a great range of listeners.

Members of Delirious? grew up together in Littlehampton and created their first collection of songs using songs that were written for a local youth event called Cutting Edge, thus naming the album Cutting Edge. Three years later in 1998, King of Fools was released on Furious? Records. Soon after, their Virgin Records debut, Mezzamorphuis, was produced, which released in the stores of U.S. in June 1999.

In Germany, Delirious? Reaches No. 1 in the No. 1 radio station SWR3! In Germany. Their new single “Inside Outside” receives wide acceptance from listeners, thus making it the most wanted song in February. Their refreshing album, “World Service,” was declared as Album of the Week. Delirious? has climbed up the official German Radio Airplay Charts and their music video is played almost every hour.

What really matters, though, is not their success out in the world, but rather, it is how God’s love is spread through the music they produce. Lead singer Martin Smith feels it's less important who Delirious sounds like than what Delirious is saying. "Our songs are really just prayers," he says. "We want to push music outside the boundaries of the church. We are a band who plays for the church and the street. We're in faith that this music will appeal to people who understand the language of the church and those who do not." Stewart Smith (drums and percussion), Martin Smith (vocals and guitars), Jon Thatcher (bass), Tim Jupp (Hammond and keyboards), Stuart Garrard (guitars and vocals) together form the earnest and exciting band whose desire points towards God. Through this precious instrument of God, the impression of God’s grace is made and the lives of men are touched.