Plus One Headlines with Exodus '04

( [email protected] ) Mar 13, 2004 08:01 PM EST

Plus One, known for its once boy-band style, but now a modern rock band, will be heading out for their first headline tour in two years. This Dove-award winning band will bring songs in this tour, named "Exodus '04" after its latest album release, hitting 30 cities from April 15 to May 23.

The hope of this tour is to deliver the new powerful songs from it's latest album, as well as a new sound to its well known hits of previous years, combined with a more upfront and personal environment. The tour will market to venues like Christian universitites, clubs, and smaller halls, thus keeping ticket prices much lower than normal. Though the environment is smaller, the music still gives the same punch.

“Exodus has really been a chance for us to connect with who we are and where we want to go as a band, and with this tour, we want to be able to connect personally with as many fans as possible,” said Plus One’s Nate Cole. “What we’ve learned in four years on the road has really affected what we want to give to our audiences in a concert. That’s why we’ve gone to so much effort to keep the price as low as we can without sacrificing any of the quality of the show."

The tour will hit cities like Atlanta, Orlando, Sacramento, Phoenix, and the like. For more information about tour dates, visit and Also, as special guests, Telecast, Hawk Nelson, and Jadon Lavik will be performing.

“We’re feeling the excitement from promoters and fans alike as they’re rediscovering Plus One. Everyone is completely blown away by the band’s new sound and the tour show will be nothing short of first-rate," says Dan Rauter of Third Coast Artist Agency. "The addition of Telecast, Hawk Nelson, and Jadon Lavik give music listeners from all genres no reason to miss this show.”

With this new sound, already the album Exodus received critical acclaim, with Top 10 singles. There is no question with the success of this new tour, and much fan support. Look for the local venues and dates, and attend "Exodus '04".