Michael W. Smith's Song Selected for Presidential Campaign

( [email protected] ) Mar 15, 2004 11:54 AM EST

Michael W. Smith, renowned performer and singer, again rises to higher heights with his song "Carol Ann". But it is not in records sold, or Top 10 Chart streaks, but something unexpected.

“I’m honored that the President would select ‘Carol Ann’ as part of his first ad campaign for reelection,” notes Smith. “When I wrote the song, I never thought it’d be part of one of the most followed campaigns in recent history.”

Yes, the instrumental of "Carol Ann" was recently selected for the first advertisement of the Bush-Cheney President's 2004 re-election campaign. To view this, visit www.georgewbush.com/tvads.

"Carol Ann" is the third track of Smith's 2000 instrumental CD called Freedom. Ever since, Smith has be treading new ground. In February, he was given his third Grammy award, this time for the 2002 Worship Again release. Combined in his career, record sales for Smith has reached more than 10 million, and he is one of the largest drawing touring artist on the road today.