The Christ Trilogy: His Passion

( [email protected] ) Mar 15, 2004 01:33 PM EST

Essential Records brings a new collaboration series this year, with the conclusion of the City on a Hill series from 2000-2003. With the title The Christ Trilogy, this month's release is labeled His Passion. However, with only 4 new songs on this album, the other 9 tracks were from previous City on a Hill records, this album is not much of something new.

The 4 new tracks in itself do not catch much attention. Production and arrangements for these songs, especially 'Were You There When the Sun Refused to Shine', sung by Maddy Madeira, were not special or defining. As a compilation CD, especially the songs need to be exceptional. But only a few songs were, such as "Yes I Will" by Joy Williams; the others would be better not included.

If you were to buy this album, it is better to choose the songs that you like, and buy the original albums. This compilation is not worth having, because you will find yourself skipping tracks most of the time.


Record Label: Essential Records

Album length: 13 tracks, 42 minutes and 25 seconds.

Street Date: March 9, 2004

I Remember You - Mac Powell with Gene Eugene

Jesus Went To The Garden - Derri Daugherty (The Choir), Paul Colman

Kyrie Eleison - Leigh Nash

Marvelous Light - Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken

Were You There When The Sun Refused To Shine - Maddy Madeira

Precious Jesus - The Choir with Leigh Nash

With Every Breath - Leigh Nash & Dan Haseltine

Beautiful Scandalous Night - Sixpence None The Richer & Bebo Norman

Lamb Of God (Agnus Dei) - Bebo Norman & Mark Hall & Megan Garrett (Casting Crowns)

Yes I Will - Bebo Norman and Joy Williams

Communion - Cliff & Danielle Young & Phil Keaggy

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord - Phil Keaggy

The Stone - Jars of Clay