Crowder Band: Make It LIME!

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2004 06:02 PM EST

Acclaimed for their colorfulness in the name of the Lord, David Crowder Band will release THE LIME CD (a disc of concert and studio rarities) on March 23. Why LIME? Well, the band has a perfect explanation for the unique title:

“If you mix just the right amounts of the colors green and yellow, you will be rewarded with a lovely shade of lime. And in a way, that’s what we did. We took two quasi-unreleased EPs (the Green and the Yellow respectively) and combined them to produce (insert triumphant pause), THE LIME CD!”

David Crowder Band briefly reveals their history, as they say: These underground EPs were originally created as gifts to fans who pre-ordered the group’s first two projects, CAN YOU HEAR US? and ILLUMINATE, or attended special album release concerts. Both featured live recordings free of overdubs, taken respectively from fall 2001 and spring 2003 Passion conferences.

THE LIME CD brings those hard-to-find tracks together (including “Undignified,” “Joyful,” “Waves,” “Sing Like,” and more) along with two unreleased studio cuts, “End Of October” and a demo version of “Heaven Came Down” from ILLUMINATE.

“’End Of October’ got its name for two reasons. One, it sounds overcast and distant, and two, most of it was written at the end of the month of October 2002,” the band explains. “It sat on a computer unheard by anyone for several months, until we decided on a whim to try part of it as an intro (to another song).”

Released last fall, ILLUMINATE received exceptional critical reviews and has quickly outpaced the sales of its acclaimed predecessor. The praise pop/rock recording was also named Best Worship Project by the readers of Worship Leader magazine, and the album’s Charlie Peacock-produced radio hit, “O Praise Him (All This For A King),” was named Best Praise & Worship Song. ILLUMINATE is also nominated for the 2004 Praise & Worship Album Dove Award.

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