Avalon's Power of Inspiration

( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2004 04:37 PM EST

Deep in my heart

Deep in my soul

There was always something missing

Now You got my full attention

I give You my life

Surrender control

I finally learned to listen to the call

I give You my all

I give You my all, yeah

Yep, it's Avalon's ALL, from their new album THE CREED.

Haven't listened to it yet? I definitely recommend you to. Go to www.avalonlive.com! But remember, once you hear it, you won't be able to resist from buying the album.

"This deep inspiration overflows within me when I listen to them (Avalon) singing, soaking me with God's love and making me want to just praise Him with all my heart," Thomas Chiu, an Avalon 'mega-fan' comments.

"I love Avalon! Their lyrics contain deep messages, and they deliver that message with such powerful voices. THE CREED really had a great impact on me. They're just completely amazing," Kara Mitchell, member of a Christian Youth Club exclaims. Well, these are just a few things that Avalon fans have to express. At the first 11 shows Avalon performed (in support of THE CREED), Avalon's fans generously sponsored 450 children through World Vision.

Avalon has power. And using that vocal power to praise God and change people's hearts is truly a blessing. It is a hope that through their music, more souls can come closer to God and experience His love deeper.