Shout to the Earth!

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2004 08:36 AM EST

Vineyard, a true instrument of righteousness for the Lord, has been serving the Christian community with passionate praise and worship for many years. Numerous classics have been compiled over the years, and many CDs have been released. For those of us who really enjoy excellent praise and worship songs, where should we begin? Luckily, the brilliant collection of the BEST Vineyard Worship songs throughout the last five years have been put together into one handy bring-it-anywhere CD, so we can take the finest compilation of Vineyard songs with us anywhere, anytime.

Proclaiming the love of God always, the special Vineyard CD is powerfully titled SHOUT TO THE EARTH. Isn’t it true that when you have so much joy inside because of the abundant mercy and grace of God, you can’t help but jump up in the air and shout for joy? From Martin Reardon’s “Shout to the Earth” to Jeremy Riddle’s “More Than a Friend,” their worship is deeply authentic and draws the listener closer to God, who knows our every thoughts and every tear that falls.

So, why don’t we all join the crew of Vineyard and fill the air with worship? Go ahead and purchase SHOUT TO THE EARTH and truly have our praises overflow into the streets.


1. Never Looking Back

2. Your Blood Says Everything

3. Hallelujah (Shout To The Earth)

4. Isn't This The Way

5. One Day

6. If You Say Go

7. Invitacion Fountain

8. Sufficient For Me

9. More Than A Friend

10. More Than Anything

11. My Great Reedemer

12. Dwell