Newsboys: "This show goes a bit deeper"

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2004 09:49 AM EST

Selling out the first 15 dates of their current ADORATION: The Worship Tour, Newsboys are finding more success than ever.

"We've had spaceships, videos, spinning drum risers, and that is certainly fantastic. But this show goes a bit deeper than that. It's a great show - the production and everything - but it relies less on the gimmickry and more on things eternal. People are really responding to that. They've said they loved all the shows in the past, but this one really connects with them on a spiritual level. There have been times where I'm sitting on the drum kit and I've got shivers running up and down my spine at how people are responding to the show. It's the same for the band. We're undergoing a spiritual renewal, a revival. I'm hungrier now for the things of God than I've ever been. I'm more excited about touring than I've ever been," Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips says.

ADORATION: The Worsip Tour runs through April 4 and also features special guests Rebecca St. James and Jeremy Camp. Each artist performs its own set, but joins the others for a time of onstage corporate worship. Newsboys are also road-testing songs for their next album, also said to have a worship emphasis.

Phillips has traveled with his band throughout America and in Australia and New Zealand as well this year and believes the ongoing worship revival is a worldwide event. He sees signs of it on the ADORATION tour, where Bible studies are happening on the bus after concerts and lives are being transformed.

"I think we're all feeling it. The artists are feeling it, the crew is feeling it, and hopefully the fans are, too."

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