"Final Solution," Indepedent Christian Film Rising

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2004 10:13 AM EST

Independent films gain approval of entertainment industry as “faith-based” film increases in popularity. “Final Solutions,” a film based on a true story, is set in South Africa and deals with apartheid in that country. The plot deals with the lead character, Gerrit Wolfaardt, an angry young man who joins a supremacist hate group against the blacks of South Africa that causes much destruction in local towns. Further on his path, Gerrit is befriended by a Christian girlfriend and a Black pastor. Remniscient of last summer’s movie hit “A Walk to Remember,” the film testifies the power of Christ to transform hatred into genuine love.

"I wanted to make a film that would paint a picture for the whole world to see and think about issues of prejudice or racism in their countries as well, especially the United States," says Krusen. "There are many parallels between our history in the United States in terms of race relations and the history of South Africa."

The film has a strong message about racial renconciliation, featuring strong cast, Tony Award winner John Kani, and Vusi Kunene (“The Air Up There.”) .

"I prefer to call it a film with a Christian worldview," says Krusen. "Many people who are not Christian have seen the film and like it very much. They're very moved by it."

The recent release won acclaim, being an international award winner, also accepted by the Houston International Film Festival and the Australian Down Under International Film Festival, and PBS stations all over the country have thought-provoking film. It won No. 1 in its premiere in Tampa, Fla., at a Regal Cinema complex.

"I want them to realize that God loves all people and that they, too, should love all people and not judge anybody based on outward appearance," he says.