Enter the Worship Circle

Chair & Microphone, Vol. 1
( [email protected] ) Mar 26, 2004 02:40 PM EST

Enter the Worship Circle creates an interesting and almost mysterious blend of worship by combining the sound of modern day music with conversations of the spirit. Following three record-setting albums in sales in independent worship music catalogs, Enter the Worship circle continues with this creative and unusual fusion in the new album, “Chair and Microphone, Vol. 1.” Ben Pasley, the inventively imaginative writer/producer/performer, has raised the standards for the freshly new style of “tribal worship” with hit singles “You Are So Good to Me” and I Will Not Forget You,” and is now continuing this promising trend.

With the simply named predecessors “First Circle”, “Second Circle”, and “Third Circle”, Pasley generates a new series with new inspiration of more eclectic melodies in which people can worship God. It is true worship from the heart as one voice leads with one instrument in this first CD of the series. Taken to the simplest of simplicity, this music could be labeled “raw” with emotion and passion with the intention of capturing the most natural sound without any additional instruments or voices. Pasley’s musical history in southern rock, folk, and world allows him to enchant with simple guitar style and masterful lyrics. Volume 2 is expected to come out by fall of 2004, so take your time to enjoy Volume 1 and its compellingly genuine lyrical themes which brings the listener on a journey “through different layers of conversations with God.”

1. Pieces

2. Memphis

3. Sweet Forget

4. Answer Me

5. Crown Him

6. Wedding Days

7. Rescue Me Deep

8. How Precious To Me

9. Hurricane

10. Dean Man

11. Still I Cry Out

12. Only Three

13. Please Don’t Forget