Fallen Deep

( [email protected] ) Mar 30, 2004 03:02 PM EST

Simple faith- this CD really is unique and graceful. Beggarman takes the listener to different aspects of the acoustic world – from folk to jazz to rock and even harp-driven neo-classical. Joined with Phil Keaggy’s expertise in guitar, Fallen Deep is a CD that brings joy and light-heartedness to the listener. Faith is something that is richly deep, yet it is so simple in the love of God. With this CD, we can meditate on simple faith.

"Britt and Eric Hauck combine to make exciting music. This album is both beautiful and edgy, soulful and uplifting," Andrea from Grassrootsmusic shares.

With variety and elegance, this CD is enriching and a great addition to everyone's CD collection.

1. Because You Love

2. Fallen Deep

3. Have Your Way

4. Raspberry Green

5. Message From The Moon

6. Come And See

7. Winter Waits

8. Somehow

9. Madeline's Song

10. Tapestry Of Us

11. 57

12. Who Am I