New Band Formed By Five Iron Frenzy Frontman

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 02:59 PM EST

5 Minute Walk Records has just signed former Five Iron Frenzy frontman Reese Roper to a new record deal.

With music that will be fun, upbeat, pop-punk in style, the new band will be called Roper.

With hopes to have the CD release in early October, Reese will head into the studio with producer Masaki Liu in May to record the album.

Speaking of Five Iron Frenzy, the band's CD, The End Is Here, will release to stores in three weeks. The End Is Here double-disc features the live recording from Five Iron¡¯s final show (to an over-capacity crowd in Denver on 11/22/03), their final studio album, The End Is Near (which was only available online and on the farewell tour), plus a new song, ¡°The Cross of St. Andrew,¡± from the studio recordings.

The first disc includes 19 live tracks and disc two with 14 tracks. The album packaging features a 32 page booklet with illustrations by celebrated artist Douglas TenNapel and a collector's poster with live shots from the farewell tour last fall.