Commas Come First

Koo Chung
( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 03:44 PM EST

“For me… betraying nails and cheers, the scorn from man. Oh you bear it for me, the hate you never deserved, the crown of thorns upon your head for me.” Koo Chung sings with heartfelt emotion in the Lord, which is also sincerely expressed in his lyrics. This New York native’s first full length solo release calls for listeners who enjoy light-hearted and authentic melodies. Matt Slocum (Sixpence), Andrew Peterson, and Steve Mason (Jars of Clay) makes up the stellar ensemble in Comma Come First. As reviewer remarks on this independent artist, “With his catchy tunes mixed with thoughtful lyrics, it's not hard to see why Koo Chung is quickly gaining in popularity.” Truly, it’s most beautiful when one serves with everything he/she has. Listening to track 12, For Me, and we can see the love of Christ and how Christ emptied everything for us.

1. No Mistake

2. Better Be You

3. Samuel

4. Rigatoni Girl

5. Blue

6. Don’t Let Go

7. Used To You

8. A Short Climb

9. Mercy’s Door

10. Manger

11. Walking My Way

12. For Me

13. Heartfelt