Vineyrad Music USA
( [email protected] ) Apr 02, 2004 04:03 PM EST

In search of the 15 top new songs among a collection of 600 possibilities, Dwell was created one song after another. These fresh and recognized songs chosen over a two-year period prove to be emerging classics of modern worship songs. They are congregational friendly, yet personal. It was the first time Vineyard Music USA had invested such an amount of time on a recording for the church. From Cold-play inspired “Dwell” to the more up-beat “More Than Ever,” this live recording is the complete worship experience!

Go to www.vineyardmusic.com and purchase the Dwell combo set that includes the CD along with an Audio enhanced CD and a bonus DVD.


- The Heart Behind The Music

- Song Stories

- Worship Leader Interviews

- Band Interviews


- Entire Live Worship Concert

- Home Group Worship Sets With Follow-Along Lyrics On TV


- One-On-One Instructional Videos For Every Song On Acoustic Guitar And Various Other Instruments.

FEATURED WORSHIP LEADERS: Casey Corum, Robbie Reider, Sheri Keller, Dave Fife & Jessica Ketola

1. Dwell

2. More Than Ever

3. Love Me Like You Do

4. So In Need

5. You So Loved The World

6. Me Security

7. God of All Splendor

8. Waiting On Your Again

9. Unspeakable Joy

10. Simple Token

11. So Now We Come

12. This Place

13. Perfect Peace

14. In Your Presence

15. If God Is For Us