Trevor Morgan’s National Debut: WONDERLIGHT

( [email protected] ) Apr 03, 2004 12:52 PM EST

You can turn my world upside down

Fly me through the blue sky, high into the holy ground

For all the things I've loved and lost

I only wanted to be found

Come take my world and turn it upside down

-Lyrics from Trevor’s first single, “Upside Down”.

BHT Entertainment’s debut artist, Trevor Morgan continues to gain momentum at radio with his first single “Upside Down.”

“We’d been on Trevor Morgan’s ‘Upside Down’ not long and I found myself out on the road listening to different stations, scanning the dial. It landed on Trevor and I thought, ‘Man! Who IS that?! This song is killer!’ Then I looked down and realized it was MY station! We’ve moved ‘Upside Down’ already to Heavy rotation. This song is good enough to be not just on Christian radio – it could sound great just about anywhere!” – Drew Powells, WPSM/Ft. Walton Beach

“Trevor Morgan is a fresh addition to the Christian music scene. His mainstream sound screams 'ORIGINAL,' and that's what I look for, especially in new artists. Trevor has done a great job catching my ear with his song, 'Upside Down.'" – Jonathan Unthank, WYLV, Knoxville, TN

For Trevor Morgan, Wonderlight represents a litany of new, dual realities. It’s the culmination of a past full of hard work and good times, struggle and joy, pain and redemption…and if he’s fortunate, it represents a future full of more of the same.

Currently, he is traversing 17 cities in 8 days to visit select radio station markets, including Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Birmingham and more.

His national debut Wonderlight will be released in May 4. Please click for more information!