History Behind Favorite Worship Hits

Tomlin, Hughes, and Redman shares the stories
( [email protected] ) Apr 04, 2004 10:42 PM EDT

What are the stories behind the modern classics such as Matt Redman’s “The Heart of Worship,” Tim Hughes’ “Here I Am To Worship,” and Chris Tomlin’s “Forever?” These stories can be accessed online at www.Song4Worship.com.

Every song has its own unique history. Matt Redman’s “The Heart of Worship” was written in his room with no intention of recording it or making it big. It was at a time when revival and passion in worship was very much needed in his home church in England that inspired Redman to compose this song.

“There was a dynamic missing, so the pastor did a pretty brave thing,” Redman recalls. “He decided to get rid of the sound system and band for a season, and we gathered together with just our voices. His point was that we’d lost our way in worship, and the way to get back to the heart would be to strip everything away.”

Simply and beautifully within each word of the song, the heart of a true worshipper is embedded; the heart of one who truly desires to give his complete all to the Lord.

[When the music fades, all is stripped away, and I simply come / Longing just to bring something that’s of worth that will bless your heart… / I’m coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about You, Jesus] Lyrics taken from 'The Heart of Worship' by Matt Redman.

In another article, Chris Tomlin reveals the long history of the song “Forever” and the journey it took to find it’s true destiny. The song received great acceptance and became a favorite for worship. Also, it became a major hit in 2001 for Michael W. Smith.

Another popular worship hit is the all time “Here I Am to Worship” written by Tim Hughes. Perfect for giving all the glory to God, this song has reached many souls and has been honored as the title of both adult and children worship collections. Artists such as Michael W. Smith and Plus One have also given a liking to the song. For the full stories on these worship songs, check out www.Songs4Worship.com.