The Passion of the Christ: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composed by John Debney
( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2004 04:50 PM EDT

Listening to the soundtrack, it flashed into my mind the images of the movie, of the agonizing cross that the Lord carried. Each time the choir sang, or the bass drum beat, it was tense in my heart. This album really pushes forward the heart-wrenching Passion of the Christ, and listening to it melts your heart.

This 15 track instrumental piece is a composition almost completely by John Debney. His skills in composition with basic sounds are extraordinary. Often times, there is only the choir and some strings, and the song conveys a deep feeling. Debney masterfully jumps from emotion to emotion, sometimes sorrowful and somber, while other times heated with passion. And following the scenes of the film, he composes the songs to match each moment. In the example of "Mary Goes to Jesus", the song starts very subtle, to builds as Mary runs through the halls.

Debney creates an atmosphere into the film to precisely, that sometimes, you cannot notice that music has begun. It fades in and out matching with each scene, to give everything a natural feel. As the film portrayed the emotionally exhausting crucifixion, haunting music began with drums and changes into beautiful string melodies and vocals. Listening to the dramatic soundtrack, you can already picture scenes, even if you have not scene the film.

While watching the film, the greatest scene was the resurrection of Christ. Listening to the music alone, it was strengthening to feel this glorious moment of risen life of the Lord. Now, with the soundtrack in hand, and music playing, the story of the Gospel, the cross and the resurrection, played in my heart again.

The soundtrack demonstrated the experience that the movie gave. It was a movie that was painful to see, and life changing. Just the same with this soundtrack. After this, the only feeling is to worship and love Jesus for His indescribable sacrifice.