Stacie Orrico reaches Asia

( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2004 08:19 PM EDT

This young but influential artist has made an impact in both the Christian and secular music industry with her strong vocals and meaningful lyrics. Not only hitting the charts in America, Stacie Orrico’s music has found much favor in overseas countries.

In Japan, Stacie Orrico has won several awards including “New Artist Of The Year” and “Rock & Pop Album Of The Year.” Her self-titled album became a multi-platinum hit in Japan and it continues to flourish overseas.

At the Asian MTV awards, Orrico performed "(there's gotta be) More To Life" and a mix of “Stuck."

As she continues singing with the purpose to stand firm as a good role model for the young, let us support her with prayers so that she may become one who leads many people to God with her influence.