Bethany Dillon Spreading Beautiful News

( [email protected] ) Apr 12, 2004 05:33 PM EDT

Hey, folks! Catchin’ up with Bethany Dillon news lately?

Well, recently, she was invited to “The Imagine Tour” by Amy Grant, where she performed…

I wanna be beautiful

Make you stand in awe

Look inside my heart

And be amazed

I want to hear you say

Who I am is quite enough

I just want to be worthy of love and beautiful

-“Beautiful”, from her April 20 self-titled debut.

Growing up in a Christian home, Bethany always had the eager heart of wanting to follow God. The image of her serving God with her music at such a young age (15) today, is indeed, very beautiful.

”I wrote this song (“Beautiful”) following a series of talks with my youth group about what it is to be a woman—how we reflect God’s glory and what our hearts desire most,” Bethany Dillon says.

Well, this is a message from Christian Post: “Yes, Bethany. You are truly beautiful because the image of God is inside of you.”

We hope that Bethany can continuously go on revealing this image inside of her. She is currently preparing to join Shane & Shane for a spring tour beginning in mid-April. Let us pray for the tour so that it may be a great success in drawing thousands closer to God.