The Journey, New International Version

( [email protected] ) Apr 14, 2004 03:49 PM EDT

The Journey, New International Version

By Judson Poling (Editor), Bill Perkins (Contributor)

From the Back Cover

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." -- Jeremiah 29:13 NIV The Journey is uniquely designed to help you discover the practical aspects of Christianity -- and better understand God. Notes and insights are woven throughout the complete NIV Bible text and address key questions you may be asking about the Bible and its relevance today. -- Discovering God -- Addresses the many aspects of God's character. Addressing Questions -- Deals with some of your toughest...”

This is the Bible designed for spiritual seekers and those who are new to Christianity. In-text notes guide the reader into forming a relationship with Jesus. New Christians, seekers, and veteran Christians will appreciate this book, which contains useful ‘helpers’ that draw readers into a deeper level of understanding. “The Journey” is user-friendly and written so that the reader will gain the most out of it. Included are personal stories and testimonies that bring the Bible to life, reminding us that the Bible is actually our story. Christians live revealing the beautiful joy in life that God’s Word gives, striving to become one with God’s heart. Through this Bible that aims to guide the reader through this amazing journey in walking with the Lord, friends and family who are critics and skeptics may come to taste the true meaning of the gospel. Grab this book quickly and get your friend or family member started on the journey that will change their lives forever.

Brian Lane comments, “A friend of mine gave me this at the time when I needed God the most. And through this Journey Bible, my interest and desire to see and know God grew stronger, which led me to attend church for the first time. Since then, I’ve thanked God everyday for the steps that have led me to eternal life. I hope that many others can find inspiration and discover the Truth through God’s Holy Word.”

Features include

• “Discovering God -- Addresses the many aspects of God's character.

• Addressing Questions -- Deals with some of your toughest questions.

• Strengthening Relationships -- Focuses on marriage, parenting, leadership, and social relationships.

• Reasons to Believe -- Answer the questions, "Why should I believe?"

• Knowing Yourself -- Helps you look at your own identity in the light of God's Word.

• Managing Resources -- Uncovers the Bible's most practical aspects.”