Fire Burns Down the African Enterprise Office in Ghana

Jan 10, 2003 06:49 PM EST

The African Enterprise office in Ghana suffered major setbacks when a power surge sparked a fire in the building. Nii Amoo of African Enterprise said, "We lost everything. Unfortunately, the house was not insured, our contents were not insured, and we have lost everything. It has completely devastated the building. The building itself has cracks. The upstairs space will need to be pulled down [in order] to be rebuilt. As a result, we have moved out." Amoo says even though they have to start over, their ministry continues. "We are praying to God that in the midst of everything that was lost, we'll still continue to do ministry with them. We are going to have a medical mission. We also have outreaches to orphanages, and then also, to some schools; [and] we are planning some evangelistic outreaches."

By Pauline C.