Nicole Nordeman's "Woven & Spun"

( [email protected] ) Apr 24, 2004 02:09 PM EDT

An artist who writes her very own music and weaves into the compositions an honest and sincere desire to know God and give Him glory, Nicole Nordeman brings to life a passion that needs to be recovered in this world. “Woven & Spun,” Nordeman’s third release carries richness in its lyrical contents and has the ability to bring tears to the mourning and joyful soul. All of her works for God never fail to inspire, comfort, and give hope and is bound to capture the hearts of the listeners. The hit single,”Holy,” has received much recognition and touched the hearts of many with the message that the holiness of God always remains as God accepts us as we are. “In Your Eyes,” “Healed,” and “Even Then,” are some of her telling songs of grace in this album, expressing the eternal love of God that pours down on every living soul. Acknowledging that God endlessly gives, Nordeman also gives back her all to the Lord, and through this album, we can see it and feel it. Her amazing vocals will surprise you and the lyrics will stir the spirit during quiet moments spent with the father. Do yourself a favor and check out this top-selling album at most any Christian bookstore! One the road, at home, in the office, or even during your daily jog, fill yourselves with the grace of God with these beautiful songs of reflection dedicated to the One and Only.

1. Holy

2. Mercies

3. Healed

4. Legacy

5. I Am

6. In Your Eyes

7. Even Then

8. Never Loved You More

9. Take Me as I Am

10. Doxology

11. Offering

12. Gratitude