Sheffey: True Tale of One Man Living for Christ

( [email protected] ) Apr 27, 2004 02:10 PM EDT

Sheffy is the name of a man who lived life absolutely committing his all to Jesus Christ in the 1800s. Released by Unusual Films in 1978, this film is one that will not rot away in history, but it is one that will continue to inspire, encourage and reveal the immeasurable love of God. It’s a full length film that runs for over two hours featuring the real-life tale of Robert Sheffey on his journey in proclaiming the absolute Truth in Jesus Christ. It begins with the young Sheffey’s conversion and continues to capture the adventures in finding the lost lambs for God through thick and thin. Clearly, through this movie, we are able to witness the life of one who holds true to the teachings of gospel in becoming the living testimony of Christ. Through this one man’s full and complete devotion, great works of God and miracles can happen. Going on with the power of love from within, following the simple decrees of faith with the motive of love and holiness, Sheffy truly exempts the power and glory of God worked through one man. Enjoy this true quality Christian film with the family and be filled with passion for Christ once again. You can purchase this film on

· Cast: Harold Kilpatrick, Dwight Anderson

· Writer: Timothy Michael Rogers

· Producer, Director: Katherine Stenholm

· Extra features: Production Documentary, English Subtitles

· 135 Minutes, Drama

· Licensed for home use only.