24 - Point of Grace

( [email protected] ) Apr 29, 2004 07:51 AM EDT

Four amazing vocalists joined together with 24 successive #1 hit radio singles, and the precious hearts for ministry rooted in the gospel…that can only describe the incomparable Point of Grace! Over the years, many great songs have been compiled and here in this album, 24, a collection of Point of Grace’s best of the best is all in one CD. 24 opens with “Day by Day,” a newer track that sets the note for Point of Grace’s graceful harmonies, and closes with the beautifully sung “Praise Forevermore.” The blend of unity in the four women’s voices creates the sound of true praise towards God, and God definitely deserves the best. Through time, the four have never failed to shine in harmony and peace in the proclamation of true life in the words of God. This top album showcases the history of this significant group of talented women who still remain strong through the test of time.

A Point of Grace music fan hares, “Point of Grace is inspiring and a beautiful group. If you are having a bad day, pop in one of these two CD's and you'll surely feel better! 24 of their greatest hits on are on these two CD's! highly recommended!”

Disc 1:

1. Day by Day

2. I’ll Be Believing

3. One More Broken Heart

4. Jesus Will Still Be There

5. Faith, Hope and Love

6. I Have No Doubt

7. No More Pain

8. The Great Divide

9. Dying to Reach You

10. Gather at the River

11. God Is With Us

12. Love Like No Other

Disc 2:

1. You are the Answer

2. Circle of Friends

3. That’s the Way it’s Meant To Be

4. Steady On

5. Saving Grace

6. When the Wind Blows

7. Wonder of it All

8. My God

9. The Song is Alive

10. Blue Skies

11. He Sends His Love

12. Praise Forevermore