Jennifer Knapp - Kansas

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 04:16 PM EDT

Jennifer Knapp’s 1998 release, Kansas, earned her a 1999 Dove Award for best new artist of the year and Dove rock song of the year for “Trinity.” Words that would describe Knapp’s style would be folky-rock, earthy, peaceful, and original, similar to the sound of well-known secular artists Alanis Morrisette and Sarah Mclachlan. With deep and meaningful lyrics Jennifer Knapp takes us into a deep reflection introspectively and does not fail to maintain the center on Christ. All listeners can meet God through the heart-felt lyrics and passionate style of expression. In all modesty, Knapp describes herself as “Just a girl with a guitar.” Through the album, Kansas, we can see the work of God continue on to her latest releases. Although the style changed slightly over the years, the special aura that glows from her compositions remains on fire.

A fan I Unites States shares, “So what's so great about Jennifer Knapp? Well, for starters, she's original. So many of today's pop Christian musicians are too mainstream and wanna-be's; but not Jennifer. Her lyrics are intensely honest and heartfelt and her voice and music is passionate. She does not get wrapped up in herself in her songs to where the spotlight is no longer on Christ and the Christian life. This album is a must-have for any CD collection.”

1. Faithful To Me (Prelude)

2. Whole Again

3. Undo Me

4. Trinity

5. In The Name

6. His Grace Is Sufficient

7. Martyrs & Thieves

8. Romans

9. Refine Me

10. Hold Me Now

11. Visions

12. Faithful to Me (Reprise