David Crowder Band Testifies on CNN

( [email protected] ) May 05, 2004 04:24 PM EDT

In a recent interview, praised worship band, the David Crowder Band was put onscreen with a live interview on CNN Sunday Morning before the kickoff of Gospel Music Week in Nashville. One of the most popular artists among college student believers, Crowder was interviewed by Catherine Callaway, CNN¡¯s award-winning anchor based in its world headquarters in Atlanta.

Crowder responded to Callaway of the questions regarding Gospel music culture. ¡°It is just amazing the wave of popularity that your music is receiving,¡± states Catherine Callaway at one point during the interview...Do you consider yourself a rock star?¡±

¡°I¡¯ve got a really good pal that says ¡®you guys [the David Crowder Band] are more like a moon than a star,¡¯¡± says Crowder. ¡°Because the moon, if it wasn¡¯t for the sunshine, is just a ball of dirt. For us, the light of Christ, when it shines on us, it¡¯s just a beautiful collision. We are more interested in attracting attention to God than ourselves.¡±